Joe Hubbard Publishes “The Triad Sudoku Workbook”

The Triad Sudoku WorkbookIf you’re looking to solve the puzzle of your fingerboard, you’ll want to check out the new book from Joe Hubbard. The Triad Sudoku Workbook provides an approach to learning triads and non-tertial triads through the popular puzzle game, Sudoku. It teaches players to build and play triadic lines in all positions all over the fingerboard.

“Each puzzle corresponds to a different chord quality based on both traditional triads, as well as non-tertial triads. As readers progress through the book, the puzzles and exercises become increasingly more challenging, encouraging growth and mastery of the material,” Hubbard writes. “But Triad Sudoku isn’t just for advanced players. This book is designed for bassists of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals making it easier for those with minimal music theory experience to jump in and learn straight away.”

The Triad Sudoku Workbook uses easy-to-read diagrams with tablature and detailed explanations of how to incorporate the concepts, making it easy to understand even if you aren’t as familiar with music notation.

The Triad Sudoku Workbook is available now as a PDF for approximately $36.75 from Hubbard’s website.

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