Joe Hubbard Explains “Donna Lee” in New Instructional Course

Joe Hubbard's Playing Through the Jazz Standards Vol. 1: Donna Lee

Joe Hubbard has launched a new series of instructional courses with Playing Through the Jazz Standards Vol. 1: Donna Lee, which takes you on a deep dive into the Charlie Parker composition. The song was first recorded in 1947 and has captivated players and listeners ever since, including bass great Jaco Pastorius, who recorded it for his solo debut album.

Hubbard’s course, which is aimed at intermediate to advanced players, offers an in-depth analysis of the melody, harmony, and improvisation techniques for the song. He also gives step-by-step guides on crafting walking bass lines and chord voicings. As such, the information can be extrapolated into any jazz standard.

“Jazz is not just about notes on a page, it’s a complete language,” says Hubbard. “With this course, I aim to give bassists everywhere the vocabulary and confidence to join that conversation, to tell their own story through their instruments.”

In addition to comprehensive video lessons, Playing Through the Jazz Standards Vol. 1: Donna Lee includes PDF downloads and backing tracks for clear instruction and practice routines. The course is available now through Hubbard’s website with an introductory price of $122.

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