Spector Announces New Era of USA NS Bass Series

Spector USA NS 2023 Basses

Spector has announced it is updating its USA NS series of basses for 2023. The instruments are crafted in the new Spector USA Custom Shop facility in Woodstock, New York, and will incorporate popular design elements while keeping the NS aesthetic.

“This new NS Revision project aims to incorporate the ‘best of’ Spector’s storied history, all while remaining true to Ned Steinberger and Stuart Spector’s original 1977 design,” says Spector Marketing Manager Jeff Shreiner. “It represents the first major project implemented by the new team at Spector and sets forth a standard for the future of the NS design.”

The USA NS basses continue to have the model’s body contours, proprietary bridge, matching headstock, and more. Newer options include modern or vintage pickup spacing, improved fingerboard tapers, standard and thin neck profiles, and premium electronics and preamps.

Learn more about the revision in Spector’s video featuring Ian Martin Allison and custom shop manager William DeYoung:

The Spector USA NS Series basses are built to order with many options. Contact them for more details.

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