Jeff Ament and John Wicks Project Deaf Charlie Releases Debut Album

Jeff Ament and John Wicks: Catastrophic MetamorphicPearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament teamed up with former Fitz & The Tantrums drummer John Wicks several years ago to form a project called Deaf Charlie. Their debut track, “Something Real,” came out in 2020, but now the duo has a full LP to share.

Catastrophic Metamorphic is a twelve-song release that draws on many styles. Ament, who plays multiple instruments and sings on it, says it was “one of the most fun and creatives records I’ve ever been a part of.”

“There’s a real optimism in this batch of mostly dystopian themes, and that comes from John’s upbeat production and playing,” explains Ament. “He infused a lot of pop and reggae elements into the songs, pushing my arrangements and rhythms into new territory. Most of these tunes had real journeys between our two visions.”

Check out the project with this video for “Losing My Mind”:

Catastrophic Metamorphic is out now on vinyl through the Pearl Jam online store as well as digital platforms.

Catastrophic Metamorphic Track Listing:

  1. Too Great
  2. Losing My Mind
  3. Ched Man
  4. Something Real
  5. Preamble
  6. We Are Doing It
  7. The Orange Flag
  8. Not The Same
  9. Sittin’ Round At Home
  10. Comeback Player of the Year
  11. Born to Win
  12. Watching the Sun

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