Bass of the Week: Upton Bass “Kirchner” Bohemian Hybrid Deluxe

Upton Bass Kirchner Bohemian Hybrid Deluxe Bass (front, side, and back)

Being on tour affords you the opportunity to meet lots of amazing people. And their basses.

On a recent tour of Michigan, I was lucky enough to meet up with Todd Kirchner of the bluegrass band Full Cord. He happily showed me his bass, which is a spec’d out Bohemian model from Upton Bass. His requests made this a unique build, earning it the title of the “Kirchner” model.

The bass is built with a 7/8ths size body while retaining the scale length of a 3/4 bass, allowing for full sound yet a comfortable feel. Upton says it is a “big full-throated jazz cannon – very fun to play with a huge presence!”

In addition to the enlarged body, the Kirchner bass has a deluxe spruce top, a solo extension fingerboard, Rubner tuners, edge bumpers, and Mother of Pearl fingerboard markers.

Check out the bass in action with this video for Full Cord’s “Downtown”:

Upton Bass “Kirchner” Bohemian Hybrid Deluxe Bass Specs:

Body:Laminated Poplar
Top:Sitka Spruce
Fingerboard:Ebony with Solo Extension
Fingerboard Markers:Mother of Pearl

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