Linus Klausenitzer Announces Solo Debut Album

Linus Klausenitzer: TulpaAfter years as a member of bands like Obsidious, Obscura, and Alkaloid, Linus Klausenitzer has announced his debut solo album. Tulpa is a musical odyssey through time inspired by the 1873 German book “Die Sphinx” by Emil Besetzny. The book tells the story of an Austrian lord who attempts to create artificial humans through alchemy.

“Each song on Tulpa delves into one of these intriguing beings,” a press release explains. “From the cunning and political prowess of the ‘King’, to the divine messages delivered by the ‘Seraph’, and the evil presence of the ‘Red Ghost’, each character is brought to life through the sounds of melodic and progressive metal.”

Klausenitzer wrote all the music and lyrics, performing it on six-string fretless and fretted basses as well as synths. A wide range of guests including Hannes Grossmann, Roland Grapow, Vanesa Jalife, and more helped to fulfill the bassist/composer’s vision.

He’s just shared the video for “Our Souls Set Sail”, which has a special bass in it.

“This song is about a ‘Blue Ghost,’ one of ten characters from the story of my upcoming album ‘Tulpa.’ It’s one of the most powerful creatures so people treat it like a clairvoyant and search for answers,” Klausenitzer shared. “They worship the ‘Blue Ghost’ as a godly entity holding profound wisdom. In the music video I feature a brand new bass with a steel fretboard – it’s the first time Ibanez has build a bass like this!”

Tulpa will be released on October 6th. It’s available for pre-order on CD, vinyl, and digital download.

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