Brad Russell Tears It Up on New Album, “Metal Improved”

Brad Russell: Metal ImprovedBrad Russell has been wowing us for years with his incredible chops and musicality. Those skills are on full display on his new album, Metal Improved, which features his virtuosic playing taking the lead.

He’s joined by drummers Gregg Bissonette, Aquiles Priester, and Jason Furman as he provides bass lines, melodies, and solos across the seven tracks. Russell recorded three originals with four renditions of songs by Chick Corea, Eddie Van Halen, Billy Sheehan, and even J.S. Bach.

If you’re into heavy music and insane bass playing, this is for you. Russell rips it up with impeccable fingerstyle and tapping throughout that’s drenched in overdrive. Check out the album opener, Waooww!”

Metal Improved is out now on streaming services including iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Metal Improved Track List:

  1. Waooww!
  2. Spain
  3. Metal Improved
  4. Bach C Minor Prelude
  5. Guerito
  6. Shyboy
  7. Spanish Fly

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