Bass of the Week: Biarnel Liuteria Fiorano 32”

Biarnel Liuteria Fiorano 32” Bass

Italy’s Biarnel Liuteria introduced a new bass this summer called the Fiorano 32” which they describe as “classic design [with] advanced solutions.” The 32-inch scale bass weighs a mere 5.9 pounds.

“Fiorano is a bass guitar designed to meet the need for an instrument with classic and timeless lines while incorporating modern features and solutions such as the Single Cut shape, a short 32-inch scale, and an incredibly lightweight body with ample tonal chambers typical of Biarnel’s craftsmanship.”

While the Fiorano has a standard set of specs, it’s also highly customizable. Luthier Emiliano Nencioni launched the bass with a debut model with a few upgrades.

“The Luca Cantasano Signature version, introduced for the launch, draws inspiration from a post-punk concept,” he writes. “It boasts a metallic blue finish that overlays a white base coat, anticipating the inevitable moment when intense usage and stage life will create a true relic, with areas of wear highlighted by the white color and the wood beneath it. The uniquely shaped knobs allude to “make-do repairs,” and the phosphorescent dots stand out on the dark stage.”

The bass is crafted with an alder body and top and a maple neck, which is set in and glued using a trapezoidal joint. Biarnel fits the bass with their own hand-wound, noiseless QuadraCoil pickups with passive electronics and a kill switch. Finally, Hipshot hardware ties it all together.

Biarnel Liuteria Fiorano 32” Bass Photo Gallery:

Biarnel Liuteria Fiorano 32” Bass Specs:

Body:Alder With Tonal Chambers
Neck:Maple With Twin Titanium Neck Reinforcement Rods
Inlays:Phosphorescent Dot Markers
Pickups:Handwound Noiseless Biarnel Quadracoil
Electronics:Biarnel Quadracoil Passive Electronics With Kill Switch
Tuners:Lollipop Hipshot Ultralite Tuners, Detuner On E String
Finish:L Metallized Hi-Gloss Finish
Other:Matching Headstock, Removable Metal “Over The Strings” Cover

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