Ashdown Introduces the Pro-DI Pedal

Ashdown Engineering Pro-DI Pedal

Ashdown has been rolling out loads of new bass gear this summer, and they’re not done. They’ve just unveiled the Ashdown Pro DI pedal, which they say was designed to meet the needs of the “new” touring bass player.

“The Ashdown Pro Di features a 5-band EQ section with an appliable Ashdown Shape option for that scooped tone if required for additional shaping options,” they write. “The EQ has been taken from the basis of our ABM preamp and subsequent variations, such as the MAG and ROOTMASTER series, making this a very professional product for people unable to rely upon a backline being provided.”

They’ve also incorporated a tube-emulated overdrive with its own mix and level controls. This is important for keeping a consistent level, which you can monitor with the Ashdown VU meter.

As you may expect, the back of the pedal has a 1/4-inch output and an XLR output. However, they also include a headphone output, a line mix input (which has its own level control), and a link out for connecting to another monitor feed or front of house.

The Ashdown Pro-DI carries a street price of $310.

Ashdown Engineering Pro-DI Pedal Features:

5-band EQ
Ashdown Shape Button
-3dB Input Pad
Drive with Level and Gain
Line Mix Input with Level Knob
Headphone Output
Link Out
Power Requirements - 9 Volt. Power Supply Required
H x W x D (mm) - 183 x 116.20 x 65
Weight (kg) - 1.46

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