Hot Tuna: Death Don’t Have No Mercy (Live)

It was so great to find this video today of the great Hot Tuna in a recent live performance.

Filmed on October 13, 2023 at the River of Time Boutique & Gallery in Athens, OH, here’s Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady performing “Death Don’t Have No Mercy.”

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    Ugh! This shocked me, and these two men are musical heroes to me. But why pay money to see them? They are way too old! Don’t give me that ‘fine wine’ crap of how they have become better in some magical ‘subtle’ way. They are terrible! Jorma does little more than speak the lyrics, and his playing is so sloppy. I’m glad they are still around, and have a following. I’ll never understand why anyone would go to see any 80yo rockers, too far past their prime. Look at any 70-80yo performers on youtube. They have gone on from nostalgia acts to people who have no business still playing for the public.
    And no one likes it when I say this, about our oldies. I can only guess that they are listening with their heart, and not their ears. I’m in my 70’s, and used to be a touring musician. There is no way I would subject listeners to my singing, today. And compared to Jorma, or Ian Anderson, any of our 60’s heroes – I’m Freddie Mercury! Which I never was at my peak.
    I still enjoy them – on recordings from their better days. I’m not sure I’d go see any performer over 60.

    • RC

      Well then you probably shouldn’t go. But if other folks want to, what’s the problem really? One of my favorite Chicago blues musicians (and a former teacher of mine) is still gigging (all over the world!) at 92 y/o and I think he enjoys and gives of himself as much or more as he did 60-70 years ago.

    • Christopher Leete

      Well you’re gonna miss out brother. I saw Ralph Stanley when he was 87, he still had it, saw Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown when he was in his mid-70’s, he could still belt out the songs and his guitar playing could have put Eddie Van Halen to shame, I’ve seen Blue Oyster Cult on tour in their 70’s and they sound good as ever. It’s a free (ish) country still, and your money is still yours to do what you wish.

    • joyce douglass

      they were at this boutique to support the opening…live down the road a ways, quite a fur peace

      not a gig, just a couple of good old boys playing for friends that enjoy breathing the same air on a special occasion

      deary me….a meaningless rant that hopefully served the purpose of making you feel less cranky

  2. Donald M Leister

    The Bass keeps me grounded!