Ernie Ball Music Man Announces Retro ’70s StingRay Bass

Ernie Ball Music Man Retro '70s StingRay Basses

Ernie Ball Music Man is throwing it back to their earliest years by introducing a new model called the Retro ’70s StingRay Bass Guitar. The new model comes in black, white, vintage sunburst, and heritage natural colorways with mostly classic-inspired features.

“This throwback edition bass is a faithful reproduction of the Stingray’s original specifications, with a 21-fret, 3-bolt maple neck with micro-tilt adjustment, bullet truss rod adjustment, a strings-through-the-body bridge with adjustable mute pads, and an alnico-loaded humbucking pickup,” EBMM writes.

Another fine detail is the hand-soldered 2-band EQ preamp circuit board that’s crafted with vintage-correct ceramic disc capacitors. The company even places a period-correct gold Music Man decal on the headstock.

“Overall, this vintage-inspired instrument exudes that classic tone and feel while combining the greatest qualities of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary playability and dependability,” they add.

The Ernie Ball Music Man Retro ’70s StingRay Bass is available in black, white, and sunburst finishes through EBMM retailers. The Heritage Natural finish is only available through the Ernie Ball Music Man Vault. All versions carry a street price of $3,199.

Ernie Ball Music Man Retro ’70s StingRay Bass Photos:

Ernie Ball Music Man Retro ’70s StingRay Bass Specs:

Construction:Bolt-on, 3-Bolt Neckplate With Microtilt Adjustment
Neck Radius:7.5″
Frets:21 Nickel Silver
Inlays:Black Dot
Neck Color:Slight Yellow Tint
Pickups:Vintage style alnico humbucking pickup with long alnico 5 magnets and wound with original single poly-nylon wire.
Electronics:Hand-Soldered 2-band EQ with Ceramic disc Capacitors
Tuners:Schaller Bass
Bridge:Pre-EB Geometry Music Man chrome plated, steel bridge plate with vintage stainless steel saddles
Colors:Black, White, Vintage Sunburst, Heritage Natural

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