Mohini Dey and Rubem Farias: The Chicken (NAMM 2024)

Here’s a great video of Mohini Dey and Rubem Farias jamming at the EBS booth at this year’s NAMM Show.

In this clip, they take on “The Chicken.” Check out Mohini’s crazy runs!

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  1. MongoHongos

    I’m so sad for her self esteem. Apparently, we don’t think that she’s talented enough to get by wearing a shirt. Every time Dey pops up somewhere, she’s displaying worse and worse fashion sense. If you want to be taken seriously as an artist, put your boobs away. If you just want some attention, keep at it, but I’ve never been impressed by the musicianship of any of these dead-eyed, scantily clad Youtube girls.

    • BassDoc

      The above post is sad. I’m in full support of her right to make whatever fashion choices she sees as appropriate. If you think she’s just some “dead-eyed” YouTube hack who lacks musicianship, you’re not listening… and isn’t that what music is about at the end of the Dey? Best keep bitterness and jealousy in private where it belongs. Rock on Mohini.