Groove – Episode #115: Michael Devin

Michael Devin

Michael Devin, an accomplished bassist from Boston and may be most well-known for his impressive decade-long stint with classic hard rock legends, Whitesnake. His journey in music, however, extends far beyond his tenure with the iconic band.

Currently, Michael is making waves with The Dead Daisies, showcasing his talent on their latest album, Light ‘Em Up.

Michael’s love affair with the bass began at a young age, sparked by listening to records and being mesmerized by the groove and depth the bass brought to music. Influenced by classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who, as well as Motown’s soulful rhythms, he was drawn to the instrument’s ability to create tension and add layers to songs. His admiration for bass legends like John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, and Steve Harris further fueled his passion, inspiring him to push the boundaries of the instrument.

In this conversation, Michael reflects on his journey as a bass player, sharing stories from his early days in Boston to his rise in the music industry. He discussed his initial foray into the world of audio engineering, which began with an internship at the renowned Cherokee recording studios in Los Angeles. This experience laid the foundation for his transition from behind the mixing board to the stage, as he found his true calling as a bass player. Michael’s career took off as he joined various bands and projects, including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Lynch Mob, and The Guess Who. Each of these experiences contributed to his growth as a musician. Now with The Dead Daisies, Michael continues to explore new musical landscapes with a classic twist. Michael speaks passionately about the role of bass players in a band, highlighting how they provide the foundation and support that allows other instruments to shine.

Michael’s approach to bass is not just about technical proficiency but also about serving the music and creating an emotional connection with the audience. Now out on tour with The Dead Daisies, Michael’s love for playing live music and connecting with fans remains undiminished.

Michael has a great story. Enjoy the conversation…

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