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Brittany Frompovich

Brittany FrompovichBrittany Frompovich is a well-respected bassist, vocalist, songwriter and music educator. She has performed regularly in the Mid-Atlantic region for 20 years. Brittany is actively exploring chord melody bass, developing original songs and arrangements of covers. She is working towards releasing an album of this material in 2009.

She graduated Cum Laude from Bloomsburg University in 1995 with a Bachelors degree in Music. She relocated to Virginia in 1997, where she began an active music career that blended teaching, writing, subbing, and gigging. Since then, Brittany has run a wide ranging gamut of musical styles, including classic rock, contemporary rock, original Celtic rock, classical, folk, singer-songwriter, R&B, traditional Celtic and Civil War music, funk, Latin, fusion, and big band jazz.

She has been published in several prominent trade magazines and Internet journals. In June 1993, Songwriter’s Monthly printed her article on creating a pop-filter for use in the home studio. In 1997, Bassics Magazine (Vol. VI No. 2) and Bass Frontiers On-line featured her interview with double bassist Edgar Meyer.

In addition to being an accomplished electric and double bassist, Brittany is a capable guitarist, vocalist, and percussionist. She is also an exceptional, dedicated, and progressive music educator. Her teaching practice focuses on helping students become better human beings and helping students learn to express themselves through music. She is highly regarded and sought after for her work as a music educator. She is a regular contributor to the Music Teacher’s Helper Blog and Newsletter, read by over 4,000 professional music educators worldwide.

Ms. Frompovich is passionate about music and the bass, and she is always advancing her creative journey as a musician and as an educator.

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