Wonder Women: Jennifer Young

“Influences can be found in everything and everywhere. When you catch that little spark of inspiration, go create and find happiness in that creative process.” – Jennifer Young, interview in Bass Musician Magazine, Feb 2013

Jennifer Young

In this month’s edition of “Wonder Women: Stories From The Women Who Play Bass,” we look at the accomplished Jennifer Young, bassist for the acclaimed California-based instrumental rock fusion trio, the Travis Larson Band. The rest of the trio features the band’s namesake, Travis Larson, on guitar and drummer Dale Moon. Jennifer skillfully handles the tricky unison runs, two-handed chordal tapping, slap passages, and kinetic form changes of the TLB with an assertive, wonderfully addictive tone from her lineup of Music Man basses.

The group has three DVDs and eight studio albums out, the newest of which is The New Exhibit, which was released earlier this year. Jennifer narrated the album’s promo video and offered some insights into the “vision” for the album.

Jennifer discovered music as a child while growing up in Southern California. She played acoustic guitar for about a year and the drums (very, very briefly) as a child. “When I discovered bass and started putting together that it was a rhythmic and melodic instrument, I wanted one.”

A self-taught musician, she transitioned to bass around age 15. “I found my brother’s ‘Moving Pictures’ cassette, and it was like the skies ripped open. Rush was my universe for most of my early musical development, along with Led Zeppelin.” Of her self-taught approach, she admits “Necessity tends to dictate my technique, so I’m not concerned with the rules as long as it gets done, sounds good and works for me.”

Jennifer Young

After her family moved to San Luis Obispo, she met Larson in a high school photography class. “The two bonded over their love of rock band Rush, and thus began their musical partnership.” The band has been performing together for over twenty years.

Jennifer’s creativity extends beyond playing the bass. In 2018, she released Moving Pictures, a book featuring her photography (and yes, the title is an homage to her favorite band). All the photos were taken from the TLB tour bus as the band was traveling. She also creates all of the band’s album designs and graphics.

As of this writing, The Travis Larson Band is on tour in support of The New Exhibit release.

Brittany Frompovich is a highly regarded educator, clinician, blogger, and bassist who currently resides in the Washington DC/NOVA region. For more content from Brittany, check out her blog, her YouTube channel, and her Bandcamp site. She also offers handmade unisex music-themed jewelry through her Etsy store. Get a Wonder Woman Tee!

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  1. Jeanne

    Jennifer is an extraordinary bass player. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Maureen Buza

    We saw TLB perform in Mesa last night. As always, the show was off the charts! I love the TLB because what all 3 musicians bring to the music just like RUSH! Hopefully, Geddy Lee will interview Jennifer Young in his new adventure of interviewing incredible bassists! Slappin’ the bass, big time!

  3. David Weideman

    I just saw TLB last night at the Navajo Bar in San Diego. I had seen Travis perform solo a few times but never the whole band. It was so good. Jennifer is just a sweet lady(I spoke to her for several minutes before the set), and an incredible performer live, with a great, yet humble stage presence. Also, a shoutout to drummer Dale Moon, who’s also an amazing performer. Loved the show and Jennifer is awesome.