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Grant Stinnett

Grant Stinnett

Grant Stinnett is a fast rising star in the world of bass guitar. He is regularly traveling halfway across the world to teach and perform in places like Brazil, Austria, or anywhere in the USA.

When not on the road Grant is often found working out some of the latest innovations on the bass. He has boldly gone where no bassist has gone before by imitating some of the jazz legends of guitar, sax and trumpet and applying that to his music on the six string electric bass.

Grant is also a leading pioneer of altered tunings, contemporary techniques, and dtuners on the bass guitar. Inspired by Michael Manring and Victor Wooten, Grant now has a custom signature model bass built by LeFay Basses. In the last few years this young bassist has worked with world-renowned masters of solo bass, and jazz bass to perfect his style of playing and teaching.

Grant is also a regular guest artist and clinician at Berklee College of Music as well as several other music schools around the world.

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Articles by Grant Stinnett:

  • Finger-Style Funk Bass Lesson: Build Dexterity and Accuracy in Your Playing

    Finger-Style Funk Bass Lesson: Build Dexterity and Accuracy in Your Playing

    In this lesson we’re going to focus on a style known as finger-style funk (or “finger funk”), with the goal of developing both dexterity and accuracy in your playing. Finger-style funk is typically centered around the 16th note, and many of the notes are muted. You’ll notice in the notation for this lesson that those... »

  • Double Thumb: A Lesson in Slap Bass

    Double Thumb: A Lesson in Slap Bass

    In this installment of our new bass lesson series, we’re focusing on a slap-based, percussive bass technique widely known as “Double Thumbing” or the “Victor [Wooten] style”. This technique involves an approach to slap where you hit the string with your thumb and follow through, landing on the next string. So the first note –... »

  • Power Lesson #1: Two Handed Tapping

    This is the first in a series of three lessons from my new online course Contemporary Techniques For Bass Guitar.  This lesson is an excerpt from my new book/DVD, Tapestry, which is scheduled for release in September. The song illustrated here is called Ebenella and was written by a good friend of mine, Rob Gourlay.... »