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Wayne McLeod

Wayne McLeodWayne McLeod is a bassist/keyboard player and huge lover of music. He grew up in a jazz household (thanks to Dad), where Ellington was king and jazz radio played all the time.

That was until one snowy February evening when the Beatles took the stage on the Ed Sullivan show. Wayne was floored by the energy and especially impressed by the violin Hofner bass, stage left. What followed was a total fascination in all music, listening and writing a music column for college newspaper, a well as freelance interviews with the Police, Teruo Nakamura, Ron Carter (never published) and Triumph. He also did liner notes for a Chick Corea compilation CD.

Wayne loves listening to all styles of music jazz, rock, classical, reggae, and has always believed in the Ellington quote: “there are two kinds of music, good and bad”.

Currently Wayne works in the retail industry and plays with friends for fun.

Articles by Wayne McLeod:

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