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The Axe Balancer

The Axe BalancerJoe Naylor has introduced a new gadget for instruments with heavy necks, called the Axe Balancer. The product is a small, 7-ounce tungsten steel block with a non-reactive foam bottom that mounts to your bass under the strap button.

The gadget acts as a counterweight at the farthest point from the headstock, preventing neck dive to save you from holding up the neck thereby causing tension and fatigue.

The block, which Naylor explains is so small it’s barely visible, can be painted and comes with two different sized screws to accommodate for straplocks.

The Axe Balancer is available directly from the manufacturer for $39.99.

Axe Balancer Specs:

  • Tungsten carbide steel block with sandblasted finish
  • Non-reactive foam pad on bottom of block
  • Two screws included. Smaller screw fits “straplock” buttons
  • For any bass or guitar, electric or acoustic.

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Scott Whitley

Looks like a wicked idea! I’ve had a few basses that neck dive a little and searched for months for something like this!!