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  • Custom Shop: SVS Designs

    Custom Shop: SVS Designs

    Many basses tend to have similar body shapes, but that’s not the case with SVS Designs. Each bass is drawn from the imagination of its owner and tweaked for real life use by luthier Shawn Shannon. With a background in extreme metal, it’s no surprise that the basses carry a certain extreme quality in their... »

  • Custom Shop: Nordstrand Guitars

    Custom Shop: Nordstrand Guitars

    Following your dreams isn’t always an easy path, but it’s an honest and rewarding one. It’s also one that Carey Nordstrand has followed to create his bass business. After finding his passion for bass, Carey took opportunities to get into the business and expand his knowledge. His bass company, Nordstrand Guitars, has grown from a... »

  • Custom Shop: Revsound

    Custom Shop: Revsound

    Started in 1983, Revsound is a company that offers handmade bass cabinets. Proprietor David C. Luke’s deep interest in sound and sound production has driven his work to create powerful cabinets with an emphasis on staying lightweight. Luke builds all of the cabs to order in his Effingham, New Hampshire workshop. The RS series includes... »

  • Fender Custom Shop Unveils 2013 Custom Collection Basses

    Fender Custom Shop Unveils 2013 Custom Collection Basses

    Fender Custom Shop has introduced their 2013 Custom Collection, including the 2013 Closet Classic Precision Bass Pro and the 1951 Relic Precision Bass. As with all of the line, the basses are built by Fender’s craftsmen in their Corona, California Custom Shop. The 2013 Closet Classic Precision Bass Pro combines vintage styling with new customized... »

  • Warwick Introduces Corvette $$ NT Special Edition 68 Bass

    Warwick Introduces Corvette $$ NT Special Edition 68 Bass

    Warwick has unveiled the Corvette $$ NT Special Edition 68, a custom shop bass inspired by the General Motors 1968 Model Corvette Stingray. The hot-rodded bass shares the car’s style with a Candy Apple red finish and an airbrushed aluminum center section while the Corvette name is inlaid into the tigerstripe ebony fingerboard. Available in... »

  • Custom Shop: BNA Audio

    Custom Shop: BNA Audio

    Great things often come out of solutions to problems. For example, bassist Mark Robertson noticed that amplifying an upright bass to really loud levels was an issue that got overlooked by most manufacturers. He eventually discussed it with friend and electronics guru Justin Herlocker, and BNA Audio was born. The team got into building hi-fi... »

  • Bass of the Week: Pedulla MVP/Buzz

    Bass of the Week: Pedulla MVP/Buzz

    Fretted and fretless models respectively, the Pedulla MVP and Buzz are the flagship basses based on the design that first brought luthier Michael Pedulla to prominence. The unique body shape and fresh approach to ergonomics set them apart from standard designs. The bass starts with a three-piece laminated maple neck that’s reinforced with a double-acting... »

  • Custom Shop: Brubaker Guitars

    Custom Shop: Brubaker Guitars

    For Kevin Brubaker, an aesthetic mod led to a lifetime of luthiery. Coupling his need to tweak his bass with his background in woodworking, he soon started building his own basses. Since his start nearly 30 years ago, Brubaker has created over a thousand custom instruments. Brubaker Guitars often feature distinctive book-matched tops with exotic... »

  • Custom Shop: Kinal Guitars

    Custom Shop: Kinal Guitars

    With a career spanning over 40 years, Vancouver-based Mike Kinal knows a thing or two about luthiery. Trained as a cabinetmaker, Mike got into building basses early in his musical career and has since made hundreds of instruments. His basses have evolved over the years from following the pattern of large manufacturers to creating his... »

  • Custom Shop: Wilkins Guitars

    Custom Shop: Wilkins Guitars

    Pat Wilkins of Wilkins Guitars is a man who can appreciate the Old School. After getting his start in amps in the ’70s, he soon switched to guitar building, where he eventually started his own brand. Most recently, Wilkins has turned to recreating vintage basses, right down to the smallest detail. Of course, his work... »