Groove – Episode #15: Divinity Roxx

Divinity Roxx

Who is Divinity Roxx? Musician? Bassist? Rapper? Singer? Producer? Performer? Composer? Musical director?

Much more. Divinity Roxx is a true artist. The electric bass is her tool to get her message out. She mixes and crosses genres (from rock to rap to funk to jazz). She was both the bassist and Musical Director for Beyonce from 2006 – 2011. She’s released a handful of solo albums. She’s toured with Victor Wooten.

With that, she only started playing bass in college. She considers herself a late-bloomer to the instrument, and look how far she has come. If there were ever a definition for “unique voice” when it comes to the electric bass, it could well be Divinity Roxx. Some call her a legend.

Now, she’s about to release her next solo effort, ImPossible. Are you ready? Enjoy the conversation…

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