Song Exclusive: “We Are” by Divinity Roxx

Divinity Roxx is back with a new single called “We Are,” and we’ve got an exclusive lyric video for it. Inspired by the trying times and situations surrounding us, the song is a call for us all to make positive changes, one person at a time. The video’s description sums it up:

“From the abduction of young girls by extremists in Africa to the killings of young black Americans by the police. Chaos abounds in schools as we witness school shootings of innocent children all too often, within and between nations as we watch war break out all over the world, and within the hearts of individuals suffering from poverty, hunger, depression, and mental illness. Chaos abounds in the weather, in the air we breathe and all over the Earth we call home. Yet, there are still people who with a small act of kindness, a small act of compassion and inspired action can impact the world and change the course of humanity. We smile in the same language. We cry and hurt in the same language, and we love in the same color. How do we impact the world as an individual or a community in a positive and uplifting way? We have to start thinking about that as individuals, as communities. After all, WE ARE the only ones who can do it. We Are the ones we’ve been waiting for. No one else is coming.”

Many will remember Roxx from her time with Victor Wooten as well as Beyoncé and the K- Pop megastar group 2NE1. Besides her inspiring message, Roxx lays down a pulsing bass the drives most of the song before jumping to a more floating, lyrical line to wrap the song up.

Coupled with the video created by 3rain Immortal, the piece is a special statement from Roxx. “When I was in college I studied with the late June Jordan in her Poetry for The People course taught at UC Berkeley,” the bassist/vocalist explains. “She would often ask us if we were ever given two minutes to say anything to the world what it would be. Well, for me I believe this song is it.”

Here is “We Are”:

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Lyrics are the last thing I listen to in music; but with Ms.D’s tune I actually was drawn to her lyrics first. I had the pleasure of meeting her before a show at the (S.F.) Fillmore back when she was playing with Victor Wooten. She is a sweetheart of a person. You can tell she is full of love… and groove. Nice melodic bass line throughout the second half of the tune. I dig!

  2. Ricky boy

    Cool I like!

  3. Great song, groove and lyrics. One wishes all the complicated and divisive issues illustrated in the film were as easy to correct as with this song. Who knows? Give it a try. This deserves airings on CNN, FNC and MSNBC. Rev. Al?

  4. Great song! I expected that because of Divinit’s great artistry and passion. I loved it!!!