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Doom Flamingo Archives

New Albums

Ryan Stasik and Doom Flamingo Release Second EP, “Flamingo”

After dropping their debut EP, “Doom”, in May of 2020, Doom Flamingo has released a companion EP called “Flamingo”. The band, founded by Umphrey’s McGee bassist Ryan Stasik, calls it the alter ego to its predecessor.

New Albums

Doom Flamingo Releases Debut EP

After forming in 2018, bassist Ryan Stasik and Doom Flamingo have released their first album, simply entitled “Doom”. The synthwave rock band takes a darker turn on the album, although it still keeps things pretty upbeat.

Concerts & Tours

Ryan Stasik and Doom Flamingo Announce Tour Dates, New Single

Umphrey’s McGee bass player Ryan Stasik has a new band called Doom Flamingo, which debuted in 2018. Band member Ross Bogan sums up the Synthwave band by saying, “We just want to make people dance. It’s a ritual.” The band has announce tour dates and a new single.