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Player News

Blink 182 Mark Hoppus Q&A

Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus has been interviewed by the Los Vegas Sun, to talk about the the 52-date tour scheduled to kick off this week, and their new album project. You may remember that we covered Blink 182’s announcement to reunite in March. The venues for Blink 182 tour have been selling out quickly. Hopper’s view on the huge...

Bass Videos

Mark Hoppus red carpet interview

Bassist/producer Mark Hoppus posted this video of an interview he did with Hollywood Press. They didn’t talk about our favorite subject (bass), but they did talk about one of our second favorites (Twitter). Mark shares, “This is post about a tweet that happened on the red carpet that I tweeted and then they posted and replied. I have no idea...


Mark Hoppus tweets tour updates

Mark Hoppus is generating quite the buzz these days on Twitter, especially when it comes to news of the upcoming Blink-182 tour. MTV ran a story about the tweet, reporting that “the band’s bassist has been Twittering his fingers off over the past two days, giving frequent updates on the status of the group’s meetings about their summer reunion tour,...


Mark Hoppus on Blink-182 reuniting

During the Grammy Awards, Blink-182 announced they are reuniting. In a recent interview, bassist Mark Hoppus added “all of our energy is going into Blink-182. This isn’t a temporary thing. When I hear a band is doing a reunion, it just sounds fake to me, and that’s not how we are with this. Everybody’s putting 100 percent of their effort...