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Pedals & Effects

Providence Announces the Bass FX Console

Japan’s Providence Effects has released a new comprehensive effects switching unit for the bass called the Bass FX Console BFX-1. The new bass switcher is fitted with an on-board preamp, the company’s Vitalizer B buffer, and an XLR direct output. “The Bass FX Console BFX-1 enables the player’s favorite pedals with one action without interrupting technical performance,” Providence writes. “A...

Pedals & Effects

Providence Effects Announces the Dual Bass Station Preamp

Providence Effects has announced the new Dual Bass Station, a bass preamplifier in pedal form with dual inputs and EQ channels. The pedal’s channels have separate inputs and are toggled with a footswitch, allowing for switching between two basses. Plugging into only input A lets users switch between each of the channels setups on a single instrument. Each of the...