Providence Announces the Bass FX Console

Providence Bass FX Console BFX-1

Japan’s Providence Effects has released a new comprehensive effects switching unit for the bass called the Bass FX Console BFX-1. The new bass switcher is fitted with an on-board preamp, the company’s Vitalizer B buffer, and an XLR direct output.

“The Bass FX Console BFX-1 enables the player’s favorite pedals with one action without interrupting technical performance,” Providence writes. “A buffer circuit employs the Vitalizer B to minimize tonal degradation from switching and patch wiring in the system. Also, the 4-band EQ/preamp of the Providence Bass Preamp technology is loaded for more tonal versatility.”

The unit has four programmable effects loops with three series loops and one separate as well as an effect power unit. Loops can be programmed in four combinations and recalled instantly in Program mode. The DI output source can be selected as coming from after Loop 3 or Loop 4 for added flexibility.

The Providence Bass FX Console BFX-1 will be available with a street price of $499.

Providence Bass FX Console BFX-1 Features:

Four Loop Switcher (3 Series, 1 Separate)
4-band EQ Preamp
XLR DI Output with Ground Lift
Vitalizer B Circuit
Power: AC Adapter
Weight: 1.71 lbs

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