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Bass Videos

Richard Bona: Te Misea, Live

Here’s Richard Bona, performing his tune, “Te Misea (A Scream To Save The Planet)” live on France 3 TV. The performance took place in March 2008. “Te Misea” is from Bona’s 2001 release, Reverence.

Bass Videos

Hindi Zahra & Richard Bona: Wait in Vain

Today’s video comes from ARTE TV’s “One Shot Not” program, with Hindi Zahra and Richard Bona performing Bob Marley’s “Wait In Vain”. See more on Arte TV’s web site

Bass Videos

Zawinul Syndicate with Richard Bona live ’96

Here’s a video performance from the 1996 Hamburg Jazz fest, featuring Joe Zawinul’s band with Richard Bona on bass, Amit Chatterjee on guitar, Mokhtar Samba on drums and Abdou Mboup and percussion. Zawinul was promoting his just-released My People album.

Player News

Richard Bona to hold benefit concert in Cameroon

Bassist Richard Bona will give a series of concerts to help raise funds for a pediatric ward in his home country of Cameroon. According to a published report, the fundraising event should allow for the building to begin immediately, with the ward supported by missionaries of the Protestant Church and the Lions Club. Bona’s participation follows a visit by former...

Zawinul Syndicate with Richard Bona: Carnavalito
Bass Videos

Zawinul Syndicate with Richard Bona: Carnavalito

The Zawinul Syndicate’s performance at the North Sea Jazz festival in 1997 included Richard Bona on bass, and all of the videos I’ve seen from that performance have been stellar. This live performance of “Carnavalito”, originally recorded on the album, features Zawinul’s Weather Report bandmate Manolo Badrena on percussion and vocals, with newcomers Paco Sery on drums and Gary Poulson...

New Albums

Richard Bona releases “The Ten Shades of Blues”

Richard Bona has a new solo album out, ten years after his first solo release, Scenes From My Life. The Ten Shades of Blues showcases Bona’s diverse and rich musical background, with noticeable touches of jazz, bluegrass, and European pop. This is an album that should defy expectations. One tune in particular, “Shiva Mantra” has an obvious Indian flavor, embedded...

Ask Damian Erskine, Columns

Ask Damian Erskine: Learning and transcribing

Q: I was listening to one of your YouTube videos and thought I heard similar lines that I’ve heard Jaco play (like a run in “Havona”). Regardless, I would like to tackle some of these parts. Do you just have a great ear or did you start out with charts to learn such fast lines? A: Thanks man! It’s interesting...

Columns, Ray's Raving About...

Ray’s Raving About… NPR Music

I am a big fan of talk radio and I especially like the programs on NPR (National Public Radio). In this “rave” I wanted to spotlight the music section on the NPR web site. NPR Music has so many cool things to offer including concerts, studio session, interviews, reviews, etc. There is something for everyone found here and countless hours...

Janis Ian and Richard Bona duet: At Seventeen
Bass Videos

Janis Ian and Richard Bona duet: At Seventeen

Wow, this video was really unexpected and pleasant surprise: legendary singer/songwriter Janis Ian performing “At Seventeen” with Richard Bona backing her up. The performance took place on a Dutch TV show a few years ago. More than once Janis smiles at Bona’s playing (and harmonics).

Concerts & Tours

Richard Bona’s U.S. show updates

Richard Bona is on the road from now through July, including a few upcoming performances with Mike Stern. We’ve seen this pairing at Blues Alley in Washington, DC. Highly recommended, if you can make it. Upcoming U.S. shows: Mike Stern Trio Three nights: April 20th, 22nd, and 27th, 2009 at 10pm 55 Bar: 55 Christopher Street, New York, NY Duet...