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Bass Videos

Snow Owl: The Horde

Three years after releasing “The Blue Road,” bassist and composer Juan García-Herreros (a.k.a., Snow Owl) is gearing up to release the followup: The Red Road. Snow Owl has just released the first single from “The Red Road,” called “The Horde.”

Bass Videos

Marie Spaemann and Snow Owl: Gap

Cellist/vocalist Marie Spaemann and bassist Snow Owl teamed up on this video to perform Spaemann’s “Gap.” This one completely knocked me out. Individually, both musicians play magnificently. Together, it is an incredible musical conversation.


Making Music: Pro Bassist Insights on Composing

Gigs tend to dry up for bassists during the winter months (besides holiday work), making it the perfect time to start composing new music for the spring. Whether you’re a seasoned composer or just starting out on the bass, writing music will help you grow as a player and musician. We compiled some advice from the world’s top bass players...

Bass Videos

Snow Owl: Devil Is A Liar

Six-string bass monster Snow Owl (aka Juan Garcia-Herreros) put his own spin on a classic funky track, and it’s epic. Seawind’s “Devil Is A Liar” has an already killer bass line, but the bassist’s energy and extra fills add just that much more fun to the track.

New Albums

Snow Owl Releases “The Blue Road”

Bassist and composer, Juan García-Herreros, (a.k.a., Snow Owl), known for his work on his 6-stringed electric contrabass guitar, has released his latest album, The Blue Road. The overriding message of the album from the Latin Grammy nominee is one of unity, and features members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and a variety of New York artists. Let Snow Owl explain...

Bass Videos

Snow Owl: Live at Nisville Jazz Festival

Snow Owl, aka Juan Garcia-Herreros, is a bass player that I can’t get enough of. His outstanding chops and ear-bending musical compositions are always intriguing. Here’s the bassist throwing it down with his band at the Nisville Jazz Festival. The group rips through “Touched” and “Pequeña Samba” with Snow Owl mixing things up with a pitch shifter before slowing things...

Bass of the Week

Bass of the Week: Neubauer Guitars Snow Owl Mazinger Contrabass Guitar

We interviewed bassist Snow Owl earlier this year, and his playing astounded me. His Neubauer custom six-string bass caught my attention, too, so we’re featuring it as the bass of the week. The Neubauer Guitars Snow Owl Mazinger contrabass guitar is built with neck-through construction featuring a laminated five-piece maple/wenge neck and a wenge fingerboard. Neubauer makes the neck unique...


Snow Owl: An Interview with Juan Garcia-Herreros

If you haven’t caught on to the incredible playing of Snow Owl, it’s high time you did. The bassist – real name Juan Garcia-Herreros – has been turning heads with a style that synthesizes all of his musical tastes with flavors of jazz, latin music, pop, rock and more. Part of that special blend comes from his multi-cultural experience. Garcia-Herreros...

Bass Videos

Snow Owl: Bun?uelitos

Sometime last year, Damian Erskine clued me into a smoking new bassist and I was hooked. Snow Owl, aka Juan Garcia-Herreros, has such stunning rhythmic and melodic capabilities that he makes the most complex lines seem simple. Here he plays an original duo compositon called “Bun?uelitos” with violinist Alejandra Maria. Beyond the musical prowess, it’s great to see the amount...