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  • Getting More Bass Students

    Getting More Bass Students

    Q: Damian, here’s a question that might not apply to all, but it would definitely apply to many who are trying to make a little side money by teaching. I live in a rather small rural community surrounded by a number of moderate-sized towns. What, if any, suggestions would you have to make the prospect... »

  • Getting Your Students to Practice

    Getting Your Students to Practice

    Q: I’m a semi-professional bassist who has been taking more students lately. I find that it’s a good way to challenge myself, maybe help somebody along in their path, and it’s a nice way to make a little extra bread. I’ve been struggling lately, though. It seems that most of my students are attentive during... »

  • Keeping Students Interested When Studying Bass

    Keeping Students Interested When Studying Bass

    Q: I loved the column on giving guidance to students. Do you have suggestions for guiding teachers in bass teaching? I struggle keeping my beginning students interested when I have them “eat vegetables” – like scales and note reading and rhythm practice. How do you find the balance between serving vegetables and meat with potatoes... »

  • Teaching Kids

    Teaching Kids

    Q: How would you approach teaching children? Trying to keep it interesting while teaching technique, reading and material seems an impossible combination to me. Kids just don’t have the patience that adults do. Any advice? A: My advice? Teach adults! Seriously, this has perplexed me as well and I’ve had to become honest with myself... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Teaching (Part 2)

    Ask Damian Erskine: Teaching (Part 2)

    Q: I am interested in finding out how to get into teaching. For example: What do you recommend about knowledge of theory, scales, modes, etc.? A: This is kind of an interesting one… Of course, the more you know the better (as a player or teacher), but many do fall into a bit of a... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Teaching

    Q: Do you teach? If so, how do you approach different players needs and styles and needs? Do you like teaching or would you just rather gig? A: I do teach occasionally, although I’m usually too busy playing and traveling to take on too many students. That said, I did just accept an adjunct position... »