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Pedals & Effects

ZVEX Effects Now Shipping Vertical Instant Lo-Fi Junky Pedal

ZVEX Effects has unleashed a new vertical version of their Instant Lo-Fi Junky pedal. The pedal revolves around a Comp/Lo-Fi knob that gives a warbly, vibrato effect.

Pedals & Effects

Glou-Glou FX Introduces the Pralines Pedal

France’s Glou-Glou FX has introduced a new filter/modulation/fuzz pedal called Pralines. Designed for guitar and bass, it has four independently controlled parallel filters that the company says offers a new approach to sound shaping. “Pralines can cover an extremely broad range of effects,” they write. “From classic modulation sounds like phaser, flanger, vibrato, or rotary-speaker to gated-fuzz, self-oscillation and bass-synth,...

Pedals & Effects

EarthQuaker Devices Introduces the Aqueduct Vibrato Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices has introduced a new vibrato pedal called the Aqueduct that utilizes a short delay line with eight modulation modes for a wide palette of tones. The eight modes include sine, triangle, ramp, square, random, envelope-controlled depth, envelope-controlled rate, and envelope-controlled pitch. “Envelope-Controlled Pitch mode (Env P) is equipped with a wet/dry blend expanding the tonal possibilities beyond vibrato...

Pedals & Effects

Suhr Introduces the Alexa Chorus/Vibrato Pedal

Suhr has announced the Alexa, a multi-wave dual channel analog chorus and vibrato pedal. The flexible unit can be used with bass, guitar, or keyboard. Featuring an all-analog signal path, the Alexa offers six selectable waveforms with independent Speed, Depth & Delay controls for each channel. It also has an assignable chorus/vibrato switch for Channel A. Other features include Selectable...

Pedals & Effects

Iron Ether Updates the Polytope Quad-Voice Detuner

Iron Ether’s Polytope Detuner/Chorus/Vibrato pedal has gotten an update for 2017. The new version of the flexible pedal has an expression jack input for detune amount or chorus/vibrato depth while the filter is now switchable between high-pass and low-pass. Further, its smaller detuning range is even smaller now, which the company says makes it easier to dial in subtle, musical...

Pedals & Effects

Positive Grid Introduces BIAS Modulation Pedal

Positive Grid has expanded their pedal range with the BIAS Modulation. The standalone pedal has nine built-in effects – Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, RingMod and Autoswell – that can be mixed and matched to create unique sounds. It has intensity, depth, and rate controls as well as tap tempo and LFO controls for dialing in your sound...

Pedals & Effects

JHS Pedals Announces Emperor Chorus and Vibrato Pedal

JHS Pedals has introduced the Emperor, a true analog chorus and pitch vibrato pedal based on the vintage Arion SCH-1’s chorus topology. The Emperor employs a bucket brigade system, which JHS says allows for a host of vintage modulation tones. The Chorus and Vibrato modes are selectable via a mini switch. Combined with a three-way switch to toggle between sine,...

Pedals & Effects

TC Electronic Announce Four New Mini Pedals

TC Electronic has released a new line of Mini Pedals, which takes their existing TonePrint stompboxes and retools them to fit into smaller enclosures. The lineup includes the Flashback Mini Delay, Shaker Mini Vibrato, Corona Mini Chorus and Vortex Mini Flanger. Each of the pedals has been reduced to a three-knob interface for adjusting on the fly, but they’re also...

The Lowdown with Dr. D

Improving Vibrato Control: A Guide for Bassists

If the first step in acquiring control of our vibrato is to obtain a smooth motion that we can turn on or off at will, then the next step is to gain control over the speed and width of the vibrato. Being able to adjust the speed and width of a vibrato is indeed a valuable skill. Having this kind...

Bass Lessons

Bass Lesson: Using Vibrato in Your Bass Lines for Better Phrasing

Today we’re going to dive in to the topic of using vibrato in your playing in this beginner/intermediate-level bass lesson. Vibrato is key to expression and better phrasing, making it a vital tool of the trade. In the first example in the video below, we’ll play a rock groove in C. Our line is a simple one, with 4 bars...

The Lowdown with Dr. D

Basic Vibrato on the Upright Bass – A How To Guide

Many students have trouble mastering vibrato technically and understanding its usage musically. There are numerous debates regarding vibrato usage in musical contexts, so today we will focus on a simpler matter: how to achieve technical mastery of this skill. From an instrumental point of view, our goal is to have complete control over the width and speed of our vibrato,...