JHS Pedals Announces Emperor Chorus and Vibrato Pedal

JHS Pedals Emperor Chorus and Vibrato PedalJHS Pedals has introduced the Emperor, a true analog chorus and pitch vibrato pedal based on the vintage Arion SCH-1’s chorus topology. The Emperor employs a bucket brigade system, which JHS says allows for a host of vintage modulation tones.

The Chorus and Vibrato modes are selectable via a mini switch. Combined with a three-way switch to toggle between sine, square and triangle waveforms, the pedal has six different modulation settings. Each of them can be set via the Tap Tempo switch to adjust speed on the fly. Other controls include Volume, Tone, Speed and Depth for dialing in your effect.

For stereo setups, the Emperor can achieve true stereo output by using a TRS Splitter cable on the output jack. A Tap/Expression input jack allows you to connect a TRS Expression pedal or external Tap Tempo control to the pedal.

You can choose either true bypass or buffered bypass for the pedal, which runs on a standard DC negative 9-volt power supply. The JHS Pedals Emperor is shipping now with a MAP price of $299.

JHS Pedals Emperor Details:

100% analog signal path
True Stereo Out (via optional TRS Splitter cable)
Volume, Tone, Speed, and Depth controls
Chorus or Vibrato modes
3-way waveform selection (Sine, Square, or Triangle)
On-board Tap Tempo that is accurate and won’t fall off the tempo
Control the Speed via any TRS Expression pedal for rotary speaker simulation
Option to control Speed with an external Tap Tempo pedal
Slave another tap based pedal using the Emperor Tap Output jack
True Bypass or Buffered Bypass switching (you choose)
Top mounted Input/Output Jacks
Standard DC Negative 9v power, 100mA consumption

For more information:
JHS Pedals

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