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Viktor Lorincz Archives

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Viktor Lorincz: Red & Blue Power

It has been a while since we’ve been able to feature Viktor Lorincz. But he’s back with another killer video, and this time, he’s adding even more impressive work to his music.

Bass Videos

Viktor Lorincz: Overload Bass Solo

It is always great to see a new video by bassist Viktor Lorincz. In this clip, Viktor shows off his impressive skills on his Modulus FB5. This one has some smooth slap bass technique on display before he switches to two-handed tapping. His technique always blows us away!

Bass Videos

Viktor L?rincz: Grinder Groove

Viktor L?rincz’s creativity always astounds me, and his latest video is no different. “This video was made with drummer Steven Oravecz, who made a ‘grinder drum’ video on the Facebook,” L?rincz explains. “When I heard it, I felt the groove, and I made my bass line and video, and I mixed them.” Dig it:

Bass Videos

Viktor L?rincz: The Loner

Viktor L?rincz is back, and he’s just shared his latest video with us. Viktor said, “The Loner” is one of his favorite guitar songs after hearing Gary Moore perform it. So he decided to create his own solo bass arrangement of the tune.

Bass Videos

BassTheWorld: 21 Bassists in 1 Video has followed up their “Got Bass Chops?” video with a second episode. This time, 21 bassists from around the world lay out the nastiest licks, funkiest grooves, and smoothest lines to show the scope of our beloved instrument. The bassists in order of appearance are Hadrien Feraud, Jay-Tee Teterissa, Bruno Tauzin, Andy C. Saxton, Evan Marien, Adam Ben Ezra,...


Bass Transcription: L?rincz Viktor’s “Rock and Roll Bass Solo”

There’s been no shortage of great pieces to choose from for my monthly transcription recently: Cody Wright’s groove with drummer Chaisarary Schenk was a serious contender, as was Simon Fitzpatrick’s cracking solo bass rendition of “Rosanna”. I intend to cover both pieces in future transcription columns, but this month I couldn’t resist scoring out L?rincz Viktor’s “Rock and Roll Bass...

Bass Videos

Viktor L?rincz: Solo Bass Rock and Roll

Viktor L?rincz is one of those bassists who don’t seem to need anyone to help him put together some super enjoyable music. He just shared one of his new videos with us where he plays a fun old school rock tune. Enjoy (and dig that ring!)

Bass Videos

Viktor L?rincz: Crazy Little Groove

Viktor L?rincz sent me his latest video, and once again, he blew my mind. He calls this “Crazy Little Groove”, and he’s playing it on his new MLP L?rincz Viktor Signature Bass. Wow.

Bass Videos

Viktor Lörincz: Return of the Boomerang

One of the most popular videos we’ve ever shared is Viktor Lörincz’s “Boomerang,” back in 2011. We even had Stuart Clayton transcribe it. Now Lörincz is back with “Return of the Boomerang,” a bass solo that builds on his previous and most popular video. This one’s got it all: slapping, tapping, chords, and of course, a deep groove.

Bass Videos

Viktor L?rincz: “Silent Night” for Solo Bass

Viktor L?rincz routinely blows us away with his bass videos. His musicianship and technique are over the top. Here’s Viktor sharing something special for the holidays, bass-style.

Bass Videos

Viktor L?rincz: Intro Bass Solo

Viktor L?rincz is a bassist who completely knocks us out (readers too) with his seemingly effortless technique. Here’s Viktor in a new video he simply named “Intro Bass Solo”. Jaw-dropping stuff here.

Bass Videos

B2Men: Bass and Voice Cover of Sting’s “Shape of My Heart”

Bassist Viktor Lorincz has a great duo with László Peck called B2Men. The two are best friends and grew up together, so naturally they got into music together. Here’s a cool version of Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” featuring the duo on bass and voice.