Viktor Lorincz: Melodic Bass Solo

I always love getting new videos from Viktor Lorincz, and today I got another great one in my inbox. The bassist created a 2-minute bass solo focused on making melodies in a slap groove.

“I used Modulus FB5 bass guitar, EBS Fafner II amplifier, Carl Martin compressor, Elixir strings for this record,” he shared.

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  1. Douglas Bess

    Great job!

  2. Todd

    I used to love the slap technique but I’d grown tired of slap over the years, however I had to listen to this multiple times because it’s so tasteful, musical and accurate sounding. Thanks for reviving the spark for me!

  3. MARK B


  4. Yaroslav Kiyashko

    It’s nice to be distracted, at least for a moment, from the war in my Ukraine, watching a good bass solo. Appreciate peace and freedom in your affairs.