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Bass Gear: The Latest Basses, Amps, Effects & More

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Magma cables from Lava Cable

Lava Cable has announced their new Magma cable line, featuring high durability and top-quality sound, while remaining at average consumer prices. Magma cable features: G&H Industries ‘Show Saver’ plugs Hi-Quality Copper Conductors, with a 20 AWG low strand count 29.5 pF/ft low capacitance And a 93% spiral shield, providing excellent RF protection The Magma cable has retailed at just $29.95...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Eleph speaker cables

Solid Cables has introduced Eleph speaker cables, a new line that uses ultra pure copper conductors of different diameters to deliver the full frequency spectrum of sound an amp can generate. “We are the world’s first to make the innovation of using not only an ultra pure copper 10 gauge conductor, but one made up of different diameter strands to...

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Bass Gear

Gear Watch: jamLink Internet Audio Interface

MusicianLink has released the jamLink, an audio interface that uses the internet to allow musicians to play in sync from different locations, no matter how far apart they are. The jamLink works with pretty much any instrument or microphone that has a 1/4” output, so you can plug in and jam with guitarists, singers, or other bassists across the country...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Batt-O-Meter

Ever worried about the life left in the batteries for your active pickups or your favorite effects pedal just before a gig? Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced the Batt-O-Meter, a battery tester designed for musicians to solve that problem. The tester, which plugs into a 1/4″ jack input, can be used to check the voltage of your battery and even...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Pedulla finger ramp option

Pedulla basses now have a finger ramp option available on their fretted and fretless basses. The ramp fits snugly between the pickups and provides a consistent body-to-string vertical distance for players who prefer the contact to anchor and gauge their finger-style stroke. The edge of the ramp is parallel to the strings and provides a multi-position thumbrest while leaving enough...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Spector Announces New Forte Line

Spector has announced the release of their latest line of USA basses: the Forte4 and Forte5. These are the same handcrafted basses we expect from Spector and are new for 2010. The slogan for the new line is “No Options, No Frills, ALL TONE.” The Forte’s have a lot of great features including the original Spector NS curved body scale,...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: MIDI Saddle Conversions

Brown’s Guitar Factory has announced that they will now retro fit Kahler basses to be piezo and MIDI compatible. They are now prepared to distribute the retrofits and installation materials to retailers, custom shops and the players themselves. Brown’s Guitar Factory has developed saddle pieces that integrate piezo elements with the Hexpander and Graphtech Acoustiphonic systems – providing a full...

Pedals & Effects

Gear Watch: Aguilar’s TLC Compressor

Aguilar Amplification has announced the TLC Compressor, the newest addition to their line of bass gear. The TLC Compressor is designed for both recording and live use and features a four-knob layout with a wide range of attack times, as well as variable threshold and slope levels. Features include: Threshold control: variable from -30 to -10 dBu Slope control: variable...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Ansir Basses

Everyone has their own personal method to holding the bass guitar. Some people prefer a more extreme angle, others only use a slight tilt and still others flip it completely around. Ansir Music, a small start up company, is now creating fully customized basses to fit that perfect playing angle. They have a patented measuring system to produce your personal...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Superior Bassworks Strings

Did you know that there are specific types of strings for the upright bass? You get different strings for the different styles of music you can play – even different tunings if you’re playing a classical solo bass piece. Now there is a company dedicated to producing bass strings specifically with rockabilly players in mind: Superior Bassworks. Superior Bassworks creates...

Bass Gear

Jeff Schmidt and Melodyne Editor

There’s a new product coming out that may re-shape the way we think of music. Melodyne Editor, a Direct Note Access (DNA) program offered by Celemony, is the first of it’s kind. You can analyze a piece of music and change any note in polyphonic material. Watching this software in action borders on spooky. Bassist Jeff Schmidt has posted a...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Kala Ukulele uBass

Kala Ukulele has just released their latest invention: the Ka uBass. The uBass is an instrumental fusion with surprisingly cool results. This instrument produces a full low end and even with the 16 frets and diminished size it functions just like a bass guitar. The uBass was formed as a collaboration between Kala and Road Toad music and is built...