Rockn Stompn Introduces RS-4 Sequential Power Supply

Rockn Stompn RS-4 Sequential Power SupplyThe Rockn Stompn RS-4 is a new foot-activated sequential power strip designed for musicians. Turned on or off with a footswitch, the RS-4 has eight power outlets grouped into four receptacles that are set to a delay in order to power your gear up in the right order.

Each receptacle has an LED to display whether or not the outlet has power, and the fourth receptacle is designated for your amplifier. Pressing the footswitch powers up each receptacle in order, and pressing it again powers them down in the reverse order. The amount of delay between the receptacles being turned on or off can be adjusted between 1 and 15 seconds.

The Rockn Stompn RS-4 Sequential Power Supply is housed in a fully welded stainless steel enclosure. It’s available now with a list price of $299. For more info, check out the Rockn Stompn website.

Rockn Stompn RS-4 Details:

  • Sequential Power Supply
  • Adjustable Time Delays from 1-15 Seconds
  • Fully Welded Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Power Rating: 120VAC, 60Hz, 15A 1800W

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