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We love bass, and we love bassists. Since our humble beginning in 2009, we’ve always had an interest in promoting our readers and bassists we’ve met via Facebook and Twitter. There are so many great bassists out there who deserve plenty of attention, and that’s exactly what we hope to bring.

If you are a bassist, there are a lot of opportunities to share your music, your story and your gear with 100,000 or so readers each month, right here on No Treble. Here’s how:

Player Spotlight

Every Tuesday, we feature a bassist from our community with this long-running feature. The bassist in the spotlight gets featured on our home page for the week, in and the player spotlight section forever.

If you’re interested in being featured, check out our interview questionnaire. Here’s a hint: don’t copy/paste your bio, and be sure to make it interesting, funny, entertaining. That’s what we look for, and we can only pick 52 a year. So take your time and be yourself, and there’s a really good chance you’ll make the list.

Check out our past player spotlight features for the ones we thought were tops.


Our daily video feature has showcased the work of people from all over the globe – from our readers, to people we’ve discovered, to the heavyweights like Victor, Marcus, Stanley, Geddy, Jaco and all the rest. We love getting video recommendations from readers – either ones they love or ones they’ve put together. If you have a video to share, please shoot us a note and link (Youtube preferred). Send it to

Old School

Oh, vintage gear… is there anything better? Our Old School series focuses on vintage gear owned by No Treble readers. Check out our Old School features, and you’ll see what we mean. If you have old school gear you’d love to share, drop us a note at, and we’ll send you the details.

New School

There’s old school, and then there’s the new breed of bassists pushing the envelope and progressing our instrument of choice. If you’re a bassist doing interesting and new stuff, we’d love to interview you. Browse our past New School interviews, and send us a note at if you’re interested in being interviewed.

Give us the scoop:

Know about something you think No Treble readers will be interested in hearing about? Drop us a note at with the details.

Anything else?

Have something to share we haven’t covered above? Drop us a note at, and we’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading, and for reaching out!

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