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Best of 2018

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #1: Billy Sheehan

Last year started off with a bang. During the 2018 Winter NAMM Show, we sat down with Billy Sheehan for our first-ever live podcast interview. That, plus some other Billy goodness made him the #1 reader favorite of 2018.

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2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #2: Joe Dart

When we shared the first Vulfpeck video in 2011, no one seemed to know the name Joe Dart. Now, this is his 4th year that Joe has made the annual “Reader Favorites” list. Check out what generated all the buzz around Dart in 2018.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #3: Geddy Lee

He may be a man without a band at the moment, but that didn’t stop Geddy Lee from staying in the spotlight in 2018. Check out the stories that landed him at #3 on the annual “Reader Favorites” list.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #4: Stanley Clarke

Back in October, Stanley Clarke teased a new “Stratocaster” bass concept he was working on. That story was the third most viewed story on No Treble all year. But that wasn’t it for Stanley. He also released a new album in June, and more.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #5: Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller had a big year. He released “Laid Black,” and he had a couple of big bass gear-related stories. All this, plus some fantastic videos by Marcus generated a ton of views - and put him on the "reader favorite" list once again.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #6: Stuart Clayton

Stuart Clayton worked as hard as anyone in 2018. His “Bass Lick of the Week” series was a major hit. We didn’t feature all of them, but the ones we did got huge views, landing him at #6 on the "reader favorite" list for 2018.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #7: Victor Wooten

No surprise to us, Victor Wooten makes the “readers favorite” list again this year. And Vic had a big year with a tour with his trio, the Fun & Funk Xplosion Tour with Sinbad, a 30th anniversary Flecktones tour, and more.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #8: Bridget Kearney

Bridget Kearney is a huge favorite around No Treble HQ, and her episode of Groove was the #1 interview this year. Add in some killer videos by Lake Street Dive, and Bridget makes the annual “reader favorites” list for the first time in our history.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #9: Zander Zon

Zander Zon is no stranger to the annual No Treble “reader favorites” list. We first featured Zander in 2009, and his unique approach garnered a lot of attention in the years since. This year, he lands at the #9 slot.

2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #10: Tim Starace

We’re kicking off our annual “Reader Favorite Bassists” countdown with #10. For the second year in a row, Tim Starace made the list. Check out the videos (and more) that made Tim a reader favorite in 2018.

Best of 2018: The Top 10 Bass Videos

Every day, 365 days a year, we share a video we think you all will love. And based on the views, we think you do. Among the hundreds of videos we shared in 2018, here are your top 10 favorites.

Best of 2018: The Top 10 Bass Lessons & Transcriptions

Our Bass Lessons and Transcriptions are some of the most popular content we share. Here are your top 10 favorites from those categories for 2018. Time to hit the shed!