2018 Reader Favorite Bassists – #10: Tim Starace

Editor’s Note: At the end of each year, we tally up all the article and video views on No Treble to come up with a list of the top 10 most popular bassists. This is entirely based on readership, not on opinions, polls, or anything else. Just having some fun.

Tim Starace

For the second year in a row, Tim Starace has made the top 10 reader favorite bassists list.

Tim’s band, YYNOT, had a huge year. They released their debut album in June and started performing around the country.

We also had Tim on as a guest for Groove, our podcast.

That, plus some excellent videos, landed Tim at the #10 slot on this year’s reader favorites list:

Groove – Episode #48: Tim Starace

Groove – Episode #48: Tim Starace

It’s hard to argue that Tim Starace from YYNOT is just another Geddy Lee clone playing Rush’s fabled music. Both statements would be incorrect. Anybody who can even play close to the brilliance that is Geddy on bass is worthy of attention, and Tim brings a whole next level of creativity, sound, and energy to the bass…

YYNOT: Natural Science

YYNOT: Natural Science

YYNOT shared this Rush cover – and a new drummer – back in January 2018. In this clip, they play “Natural Science” from Rush’s Permanent Waves

YYNOT: The Spirit of Radio (Live)

YYNOT: The Spirit of Radio (Live)

YYNOT packed the house for a concert in Melbourne, Florida in March and shared this live clip of “The Spirit of Radio” from the event. Tim not only nails the bass line, he also took on the foot-controlled keyboards (Geddy style!)

YYNOT: Prelude/Freewill (Live)

YYNOT: Prelude/Freewill (Live)

It is great to see YYNOT gaining so much traction with fans. The band performed at The Diesel in Detroit on October 27th, and once again, they putting out some great concert videos…

YYNOT: Etheria

YYNOT: Etheria

After releasing their debut album, YYNOT shared some videos for their original work. “Etheria” was written by guitarist Billy Alexander, and as always, sports that growly bass by Tim…

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  1. Greg W

    All Tim’s accolades are richly deserved! Makes it look ? easy!

  2. Bryan Larson

    Tim should be higher than 10! He is a god among mortals!!

  3. Niall Power

    Well deserved Tim is an incredible bassist,
    And a nice guy as well?

  4. Ron

    Well deserved Tim!! Although I don’t know you personally, I’m a very good friend of Billy and I know he would only have good people around him! Not to mention I’ve seen and heard you play!! Good luck to all of YYNOT in 2019. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year for you guys, and gal!! Rock on!!!

  5. Dave ‘Wingman’ Burnham

    Wrong band you got there. ?

  6. Richly deserved! Congratulations Tim.

  7. Ed Hahaj

    Tim you an easy top 5 +