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Gear Watch: Fuchs Audio Bruiser Bass Amplifier

Fuchs AudioFuchs Audio has announced a new line of bass amplifiers dubbed the “Bruiser”. The amp features a 6-stage, 3-tube preamp with bright, ultra-low, hi and low gain switches and high, parametric midrange, with bass EQ controls for tonal tweaking. Also included in the tube stage is a custom designed phase correct 36 db per octave 20-Hz sub-sonic filter.

The 600-watt Class-D switching power amp is stable down to 2-ohms and utilizes an automatic fan control to optimize the amp’s temperature regulation. The outputs include separate stage and DI send volume controls for use in the studio or through a PA.

All Fuchs products are housed in an aircraft grade aluminum chassis and come with a 5-year warranty. Though the Bruiser won’t be unveiled until the 2011 NAMM show – including photos – lans for lower powered and preamp only versions are in the works.