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Rob Kohler: At The Top

Kevin shared this video with me a few days ago, and it blew me away.

Bassist Rob Kohler performs “At The Top,” a tune the bassist says is “an old bass song.”

I’m not familiar with the tune, but whatever the origin, it is a great tune matched with this terrific performance.

If you know about this song, please share in the comments.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

I am not familiar with this tune; but I dig. Very nice ditty of bass goodness. I love the tone he’s getting too. Good stuff.

Damian Erskine

Rob and I both play with a local songwriter in Southern Oregon. We also recently shared simultaneous bass duties at a gig down there. He’s a fantastic player and a beautiful guy. He also has some very sever hip problems and is currently trying to pay for a hip replacement. If anybody is so inclined, feel free to check out this link (or put it out there far and wide via social media). Let’s all help a wonderful player in need!

Anthony Cook

Really pretty, Rob…. Great articulation and expression .

Jeff Margavage

Wow. Excellent piece and well executed. Great job, sir.

Fred Pauze

Is that a 5 string with a high C instead of the low B? I’ve always wanted to have a 5 string but with this confirguration… don’t care much for the lowB string… I’d rather have a DeTuner on my E string… Do you think I could get a regular 5 string and replace the nut to get the same result? and put a set of strings with a high C of course (so E A D G C). Let me know what you think about that, thanks! And nice playing too, I like your tone… I see so many bass players with a horrible tone (tone knob open…I hate that, I always play with the tone knob completely closed, or at most 10% open)

    Rob Kohler

    It is a High C. I also use a drop D so it is tuned D,A,D,G,C. It is a Bartolini hard wired to the output jack. I find that I am always playing with knobs if I have them! I designed this bass with Jared Burrows. He configured the string spacing from a combination of my 3 favorite basses. A Gibson Ripper, Taylor/Klien ABG, and a Musicman Stingray. Thanks for listening, Fred!