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Nik West, Featuring Orianthi: My Relationship

Anyone that has jammed with Prince, John Mayer, and Bootsy Collins must have something good to say, and Nik West is one of those people. The bassist’s recently released Say Somethin’ EP blends rock, funk, and R&B for an engaging musical journey pinned together by her solid bass playing.

West gives a taste of the EP with her latest music video for “My Relationship,” an in-your-face song that features the guitar stylings of Orianthi. Nik West is someone you don’t want to mess with, but definitely someone you want to listen to.

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Funky like the vibe

Bubs Barney

i dont know if its just because i am a musician but i would much rather that videos showed the artist playing their instrument (live concert footage is even better) rather than a video of choreographed of dancing fashion show that happens to include them holding an instrument.


    This one is evidently a Fender Dimension spot. She’s playing a Fender Jazz bass on the live links. “Wait a Minute” is actually really funky.

Alex Jurado

Fabolous! You should include a Latín female drummer, to complete the Band!