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Stuart Clayton Transcribes Stu Hamm Album

Stu Hamm - The Book of Lies Bass TranscriptionsLove Stuart Hamm’s seven-song solo bass suite on his 2015 album Book of Lies?

Well, bassist and author (and No Treble contributor) Stuart Clayton has transcribed it for you, along with the rest of the album.

Clayton’s book, Stu Hamm – The Book of Lies Bass Transcriptions, was checked by Hamm for accuracy and features his insights and performance notes, as well as a Hamm biography and information about the basses he’s used.

The book includes the following transcriptions:

  1. The Book of Lies
  2. Back to Shabalalla
  3. Practicality
  4. Etude #1
  5. Open Note Aria
  6. Chorally Yours
  7. Harmoni-Cali
  8. Te Extraño
  9. Slap Happy
  10. Just a Blues

Stu Hamm – The Book of Lies Bass Transcriptions is available at Bassline Publishing.

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