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Articles by Corey Brown - Page 3

  • Snarky Puppy: Lingus (New Arrangement)

    Snarky Puppy: Lingus (New Arrangement)

    We’re huge fans of Snarky Puppy and Michael League. Here’s the band like you’ve never heard before, with this special arrangement of “Lingus.” »

  • Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in March 2018

    Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in March 2018

    March was a big month for gear news, as evidenced by a ton of views on No Treble. Here are the top 10 reader favorite gear stories of the month. Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing! 1. Roks Instruments Nardis Bass Luthier Axel Roks of Roks Instruments is known for his unique, minimalist designs. (Check... »

  • Leonid & Friends: Beginnings

    Leonid & Friends: Beginnings

    Leonid Vorobyev’s Leonid & Friends Chicago tribute band keeps bringing the heat. Here’s a new video they just shared covering Chicago’s “Beginnings.” »

  • The Fearless Flyers: Barbara

    The Fearless Flyers: Barbara

    The Fearless Flyers (a band promoted by Vulfpeck and including some of that band’s members) is rolling out new videos from their self-titled album. This clip will be recognizable to Vulfpeck fans, featuring The Fearless Flyers’ take on “Barbara.” The lineup includes Sandra Crouch on tambourine, Nate Smith on drums, Cory Wong on guitar, Mark... »

  • Naïka: Before He Falls

    Naïka: Before He Falls

    We’ve featured Maddie Jay before, with her band, the pH Collective. Now we get to feature a video where she’s backing up another band. In this clip, vocalist Naïka performs her original composition “Before He Falls” live at Berklee College of Music. The tune features some interesting instrumentation, with a nice groove behind it. »

  • Zander Zon: Misty Mountains

    Zander Zon: Misty Mountains

    Zander Zon loves film scores, and he loves arranging them for solo bass. In this new video, Zander takes on “Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’s soundtrack, using his fretless bass and EBow. »

  • Evan Marien: Havona (2018)

    Evan Marien: Havona (2018)

    Back in 2012, we featured what went on to be a very popular video by Evan Marien covering the Jaco Pastorius tune, “Havona.” (We later published the transcription for Evan’s arrangement.) Now Evan is back with a new version for 2018. This time around, he’s playing a Supro Huntington short scale bass. »

  • Diego Tarantino: Oh My Love

    Diego Tarantino: Oh My Love

    It has been a while since we featured a video by Diego Tarantino. Time to fix that. Diego just sent me his latest, where he takes the John Lennon tune “Oh My Love” and arranged it for bass and guitar. Impressive, as always. »

  • The Fearless Flyers: Ace of Aces

    The Fearless Flyers: Ace of Aces

    Back in 2011, we featured the first Vulfpeck video. It was an instant hit here. Seven years later, the band has reached new heights. And now we have another band to follow as a result. Vulfpeck recently announced The Fearless Flyers, consisting of Vulfpeck members Joe Dart (bass) and Cory Wong (guitar) along with Mark... »

  • MonoNeon: What A Beautiful Name

    MonoNeon: What A Beautiful Name

    My friend Darryl Anders shared this on Facebook yesterday saying, “This is my favorite video by Dywane MonoNeon Thomas Jr. Mad skills. Great voices too.” This one knocked me out too. »