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  • Bunzing: Dean as a Teen Town

    Bunzing: Dean as a Teen Town

    No Treble reader Ruud sent us this video of a bassist who goes by Bunzing, who took Vulfpeck’s “Dean Town” and Weather Report’s “Teen Town,” and arranged it into a single tune. “I used the rhythm of Jaco’s part and wrote new notes for it to fit Dean Town’s chord progression. It turned out to... »

  • Frank Zappa: Black Napkins (Live, 1977)

    Frank Zappa: Black Napkins (Live, 1977)

    Frank Zappa’s 1977 performance at the Palladium Theater offered up some incredible concert footage. This remastered video of “Black Napkins” shows the band in top form. The line up included Patrick O’Hearn on bass, Terry Bozzio on drums, Adrian Belew on guitar, Ed Mann on percussion, and Tommy Mars and Peter Wolf on keys. Great... »

  • Vvon Dogma I: Communion

    Vvon Dogma I: Communion

    Former Unexpect bassist ChaotH (aka Frederick Filiatrault) has a new band called Vvon Dogma I. He formed the group after his former group split up as a means to continue expressing his creativity. “Vvon Dogma I is an expression that I created that means to me the second incarnation of any entity, the evolution from... »

  • Marcus Miller: Hylife (Live)

    Marcus Miller: Hylife (Live)

    Zycopolis TV just shared a video of Marcus Miller and his band performing in Olympia in 2016. Here’s the band playing “Hylife” from the concert – a tune from Miller’s album, Afrodeezia. »

  • Leonid & Friends: You Are On My Mind

    Leonid & Friends: You Are On My Mind

    Leonid Vorobyev is back with another Chicago cover by his group, Leonid & Friends. The group was created as a tribute “to one of the greatest bands in the world.” This time around, they tackle “You Are On My Mind,” from the multi-platinum Chicago X album, released in 1976. »

  • Zander Zon: Inception’s “Time”

    Zander Zon: Inception’s “Time”

    Zander Zon is a huge fan of Hans Zimmer, especially his collaborations with Christopher Nolan on movies. Inception is one of them, as well as Interstellar (check out his Interstellar Medley video we shared last month). So Zander took on a big project: creating his own special arrangement of “Time” from Inception using bass, cello,... »

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  • Sons Of Apollo: Coming Home

    Sons Of Apollo: Coming Home

    Billy Sheehan is part of a new supergroup, dubbed Sons Of Apollo. Joining Sheehan are Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian, along with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (formerly of Guns N’ Roses), and Jeff Scott Soto (Journey and Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force). The band is set to release their debut, Psychotic Symphony, on October... »

  • Lake Street Dive: Lola

    Lake Street Dive: Lola

    I stumbled upon this video from 90.9 The Bridge, and I was glad I did. Lake Street Dive performed their own great version of The Kinks’ tune, “Lola,” with Bridget Kearney holding down the low end and backing vocals. We dig this! How about you? »

  • Stuart Clayton: Bass Lick of the Week #2

    Stuart Clayton: Bass Lick of the Week #2

    When we shared Stuart Clayton’s first Bass Lick of the Week, it was a huge hit. Here’s the second installment. Stuart shares the background on this lick: “This week’s exercise is a fingerstyle line that uses major and minor tenth intervals to imply chordal parts alongside a bassline. It was performed on a Fender Precision... »

  • Danny Ziemann Quintet: SKJ

    Danny Ziemann Quintet: SKJ

    Double bassist Danny Ziemann gets a huge tone while leading his quintet on the classic Milt Jackson tune “SKJ”. He also kicks off the solo section with a super lyrical solo to set up the song’s vibe. »