GrooveTech Multi-Tool

GrooveTech Multi-ToolCruzTOOLS has introduced the GrooveTech Multi-Tool, a new tech tool for bass and guitar. The GrooveTech provides all the tools needed to handle basic work on most makes and models, including bridges and truss rods.

The tool includes:

  • Seven hex wrenches, both metric and inch-based, with ball-end tips on three truss rod sizes since direct access isn’t always possible.
  • 0.050″ and 1.5mm wrenches, for bridge saddles
  • Two Phillips screwdriver tips (#1 and #2) handle a variety of adjustments
  • A 2.5mm slotted screwdriver addresses vintage-style bridge saddle screws
  • A ruler, to help adjust action
  • “We’re not the first to introduce a guitar multi-tool.” stated Dan Parks, President of CruzTOOLS. “But other offerings are either low quality or impractical. From the outset, our goal was to provide top grade tools in an ultra-compact package with capability that approaches our guitar and bass tech kits. The GrooveTech Multi-Tool clearly meets these objectives, and is a great value to boot.”

    More information: or 888-909-8665

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