New Release: CAB’s “Theatre de Marionettes”

CAB: Theatre de MarionettesThe first CAB album in five years has been released.

Theatre de Marionettes features Bunny Brunel, Tony MacAlpine, Virgil Donati, Patrice Rushen, Brian Auger and special guest appearances by Chick Corea and Michel Polnareff.

1. The Prankster
2. Katputli
3. The Sultan of Brunel
4. Purple Mars
5. The Ventriloquist
6. Just Do It
7. Rain
8. The Pub
9. Another Day
10. Jaco Rocco Circus
11. Theatre de Marionettes
12. High Cloud
13. The Puppeteer

Order online at Bunny Brunel’s web site.

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