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Buzz Beat for February 16

Playing a little catch up here on bass buzz from around the web…

The Grammy Awards revealed more than just this year’s winners. The event proved to be a family affair as we learned that legendary bassist Charlie Haden is Jack Black’s father-in-law.

The Jack Black references don’t stop there: after bassist Paul McCartney‘s performance at the Grammys, Black told the audience, “Remember that name people, it’s gonna be big.”

Bassist Christian McBride moved to New York in 1989, and the rest was history. He hopped on the fast track to becoming a revered solo artist, band leader, educator, artistic director and artist in residence. To commemorate his 20 multi-faceted years, McBride will release Kind of Brown in June with his new acoustic quintet Inside Straight.

As Motown Records celebrates its 50th birthday, all hail Berry Gordy for bringing us such greats as James Jamerson of the Funk Brothers.

Check out the late John Entwistle on two recent video releases: The Who at Kilburn 1977 DVD (Image Entertainment) and The Who: Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Blu-ray (Eagle Rock).

Did Flea drink the kool-aid? It is possible he may be featured a hip-hop version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the brainchild of weirder-by-the-minute Joaquin Phoenix.

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