Wayne Shorter concert DVD features 3 legendary bassists

Wayne Shorter’s performance at the 1996 Montreux Jazz Festival is now available on DVD.

Bassist and formerly Shorter’s Weather Report band mate Alphonso Johnson, Stanley Clarke and Ron Carter all make appearances on the DVD, which includes bonus footage from both the 1991 and 1992 Montreux performances.

The complete line-up for the 1996 show:

Wayne Shorter (saxophones)
James Beard (keyboards)
David Gilmore (guitars)
Alphonso Johnson (bass)
Rodney Holmes (drums)

1991 show line-up:
Wayne Shorter (saxophones)
Herbie Hancock (keyboards)
Stanley Clarke (bass)
Omar Hakim (drums)

1992 show line-up:
Wayne Shorter (saxophones)
Herbie Hancock (keyboards)
Wallace Roney (trumpet)
Ron Carter (bass)
Tony Williams (drums)

Track listings:

1996 Performance

  1. On The Milky Way Express
  2. At The Fair
  3. Over Shadow Hill Way
  4. Children Of The Night
  5. Endangered Species

Bonus footage:

  1. Footprints
  2. On The Milky Way Express


  1. Pinocchio
  2. Pee Wee / Theme

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  1. Not only is Stanley a gentlemen and a scholar, but he is so down to earth and willing to give you a little “fan” time.