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Obbligato debuts first Turnstyle analog bass modeling system

Obbligato, Inc. has released their first custom shop Turnstyle system, an analog bass modeling device for Fender Jazz and other similar basses. The system utilizes the bass’s existing magnetic pickups and a rotary switch to switch between six tones.

The Turnstyle product is designed as a low cost alternative to digital processors and can be installed with basic soldering skills and is offered in chrome, gold or black.

The company announced in a recent release: “Turnstyle was designed to be completely stealth in appearance and to operate in a performance setting, making it instantly second nature to switch between sounds during the middle of a song without missing a note or having to look at the controls. Over a decade of development went into turning a cluster of toggle switches into a single rotary switch without resorting to relays, integrated circuits or batteries.”

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