Mike Flynn: Four-Finger Picking Lesson

London-based bassist Mike Flynn has mastered the four-finger picking style, and he’s posted a video to demonstrate it for the rest of us.

Mike shares, “I’ve been trying to get it for a while and as I already do the Wooten stuff that involves using two finger pluck with the index and middle fingers on your picking hand – it was quite easy to get the thumb-index-middle pattern happening. I have now switched this over to a four finger picking style – pioneered by Matt Garrison.”

Check this out:

And catch more of Mike’s lessons at his web site.

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  1. Andres Rotmistrovsky

    Have you guys seen this video yet?
    It’s the first part of a series that I’m working with Matt! Enjoy:

  2. You explain it like it’s so simple, but it’s not… I’m confused

  3. What kind of bass are you using?

  4. man you have the idea, but you do not sound musical…it is about the music , when you conquer that then you make the instructional video

    • Marcel

      I think is a great instructional video, how to play music if you dont learn the technique? Sounds at envy for me

  5. Great vid. Mike’s stuff over on his YT channel has some great playing that utilizes this technique, check it out.

  6. Andy gomez

    This has got to be one of the best right hand techniques out there,and mike knows what he’s talking about great video fully informative for how short it is this is an amazing revolution of course giving Matt g the credit, but mike shows more validity