Les Claypool releases “Of Fungi And Foe” on vinyl

les-claypool-vinylLes Claypool’s latest album, Of Fungi and Foe, was released on vinyl today, along with a new t-shirt. The album was released as a CD and digital download in March, 2009.

Both the LP and t-shirt are available at his Club Bastardo online store.

Track list for Of Fungi and Foe:
1. Mushroom Men
2. Amanitas
3. Red State Girl
4. Booneville Stomp
5. What Would Sir George Martin Do
6. You Can’t Tell Errol Anything
7. Bite Out Of Life * Featuring Eugene Hutz
8. Kazoo
9. Primed by 29
10. Pretty Little Song
11. Of Fungi And Foe
12. Ol’ Rosco

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